Date(s) - Jan 21
7:15 am - 9:30 am

Hotel Clipper


Would you like to see MORE results from NETWORKING?

RKCC Business Workshop presents “How To Network OFF Line and ON Line” with Sharyn McCaskey

Networking both ON LINE and OFF LINE gains you clients, maintains an ongoing relationships with existing ones, creates a perception you’re an authority in your chosen field and builds your business which of course equals BUSINESS GROWTH.

You need a website, social media, flyers, branding etc, however 80% of most of your work comes from around 20% of people, and its those people who know, like and trust you that will give you the work.

Valuing those connections can mean that the majority of money you spend on marketing can cease, RESULT less expenditure from your business.



Have you seen Sharyn McCaskey work a room?

As a member of the RKCC for 25 years we know that Sharyn is well respected, considerate when connecting people and is the go to person of many local businesses for both marketing and social media advice, support and contracts.
She is an award winning Social Media Marketing Strategist and operates her own networking club that has 49 members who regularly cross promote to each other.

Networking is something she excels at.

If everyone attends a networking event to sell themselves, to showcase their business and to gain new clients and everyone wants you to listen to your business, how then if you’re doing all the selling can someone else sell to you?

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